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Einstein Success Code: How to “Reprogram” YOUR Brain for Effortless Wealth

Dr. Albert Einstein…revered by many of the most prolific genius in history.

Everyone knows Einstein for his crowning scientific achievement of E = mc².

With this little equation, Einstein proved every person…every object on this planet has an energy attached to it.

But even more important, he proved our THOUGHTS have energy too.

Positive thoughts vibrate with a higher energy and attract other people, things, and thoughts with similar energies.

The same is true for negative thoughts…except they vibrate at a lower energy frequency.

What does this mean for you?

Simply put, it means positive thoughts are crucial to attracting success into your life. This holds true for anything and everything…finances, health, and relationships.

But thinking your way to success is NOT enough. We easily fall into old patterns and negative beliefs.

Einstein’s remarkable brain…

Einstein’s intelligence is no secret…everyone knows he’s one of the smartest people to ever live.

But what most people don’t know about is Einstein’s ‘unique’ brain structure.

Researchers eagerly studied his brain after he died.

And they made a shocking discovery…

Einstein’s neural pathways were better developed and larger than the average human brain.

This was his secret to peak performance…

And how he was able to operate at such a higher cognitive level than most.

For a long time, scientists thought our neural pathway network was luck of the draw…something we were born with and couldn’t change.

Turns out they were dead WRONG.

You can, in fact, change your neural pathways. You can ‘rewire’ YOUR brain for success. And you can do it very easily. [This brief video explains how it works]

Once you effectively ‘reprogram’ your brain, achieving anything you want becomes effortless.

This includes telling your boss to take a hike and starting your own business…

Creating new income streams and financial assets on command…

Paying off mountains of a mortgage, student loan, or credit card debt…

Having more free time to spend with your family…

You can kiss the Law of Attraction goodbye…because you won’t need it. When you unlock Einstein’s secret success codes, you’ll see just how easy it is to manifest anything you want.

([Just like Kevin did with his dream home])

Best of all, you can get started right NOW.

Why wait any longer?

You can start manifesting riches and success into your life TODAY:

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Rooting for your success,

P.S. Einstein wasn’t just a brilliant physicist and visionary. He was also filthy rich. [THIS] is how he amassed his impressive wealth.

The Einstein Success Code Review

Free Gift #1: Einstein’s Laws Of Success

Ever since the bestselling book, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne was released, the law of attraction has taken the world by storm. Everybody is talking about it and countless books have been released on this topic alone. It has its fans and its detractors.

The question here is – “If one’s life could change by thinking positively alone, why do millions of people languish in despair?”

They’re broke, emotionally unfulfilled and can’t ever seem to catch a break… and here’s the worst part – many of them are desperately trying to use the law of attraction but to no avail.

The truth of the matter is that while the law of attraction works, there’s a science behind it. A ‘code’ to follow. Positive thinking alone will not suffice. Attraction = attract + action. You need to follow a series of actions to see the wealth or whatever you desire, manifest in your life.

Kevin Rogers has taken a unique approach by examining Einstein’s life under a microscope to reveal why the man was such a success. All winners in life have similar traits. It’s a way of thinking that goes beyond just being positive. It’s a ‘code’ that separates the winners from the losers.

The Einstein Success Code puts the science behind the law of attraction. It picks up where The Secret left off… and it has become an online bestseller. Let’s examine the pros and cons of this book.

The Good Points:

The biggest strength of this book is that it teaches you to think laterally rather than linearly. The term ‘think outside the box’ has been mentioned everywhere ad nauseum, but there’s so little information on how exactly to get out of the box. This book shows you how to do it.

The chapter on the plasticity of the brain will explain how imagination and creativity will bring you more wealth. You’ll get an inside look at how, Einstein, constantly came up with new theories and ideas.

What many people do not know is that Einstein was actually a wealthy man for his time. Now you’ll know how he did it… and how you can too. The principles are timeless.

The book comes with a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee. Kevin is giving you the opportunity to try out The Einstein Success Code risk-free. It doesn’t get better than that.

The book is practical and gives you tips on persevering with the law of success. You’ll not only have enough faith to be impudent with the infinite and ask for what you believe is rightfully yours, but you’ll be equipped with the skills to go out and get it.

The bonus tips in The Einstein Success Code will show you that age doesn’t matter and that all obstacles are surmountable. Most people throw in the towel the moment the going gets tough. This book will give you the fortitude to stay the course.

Kevin has taken one of the greatest men of all time (Albert Einstein) and dissected his life down to the minutest detail to show you why he was so successful and such a brilliant mind. This is better than reading an autobiography where you’re left to draw your own conclusions.

There’s a saying that success leaves clues. Kevin Rogers has done an excellent job of exposing many of Einstein’s ‘success clues’ while juxtaposing them with stories and details to emphasize why and how they work so well. Remarkably well-done.

The Bad Points:

Just like most digital downloads, you’ll need to have a computer and an internet connection to download it. The good news is that you can print it out and read it anywhere you want.

At 142 pages, the book is quite long. Reading it alone will not be enough. Taking Einstein’s concepts and way of thinking and applying them to suit you will take some work. Not everyone will want to put in the effort… but those who do will really benefit from the gems in this book.

Should You Get It?

If you wish to find success in whatever you do, this book has your name written all over it. Unlike the run-of-the-mill positive thinking books that litter the market and tell you to use the law of attraction, The Einstein Success Code shows you how you need to think.

There is a method to it. Success is an attitude, and you need to think and act in a certain way. A Pollyanna attitude where you only expect the best to come to you while you laze in your hammock waiting for the universe to provide will yield NO results.

We live in a world of cause and effect. An object in motion stays in motion. Kevin’s book will show you how to overcome your inertia and failure and start moving forward. By applying the methods in this book, you’ll not only attract wealth into your life but will notice that your performance in every other area will improve too.

This book can be life-changing if you use it wisely. Definitely two thumbs up.

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