10 Best Tours In Irvine, California for 2024

There are many exciting trips that you can take to learn about the lively city of Irvine in California. Irvine California is in Orange County and is full of history, culture and natural beauty that give guests a wide range of things to do. Irvine has something for everyone from guided tours of historical places showing the city history to outdoor activities showing its beautiful scenery. Indulge in the Irvine culinary scene with food tours that will make your mouth water or wine trips that will show you the best wines in the area. Because there is so much to see and do in Irvine you are welcome to start an amazing trip of discovery.

2 Hour Whale Watching Tour

Go whale watching off the coast of Newport Beach California and keep an eye out for humpback whales, blue whales and other whales. Watch sea life in its natural habitat and enjoy the view along the Newport Laguna shoreline. Many kinds of whales like the big blue whale summer and fall, the finback whale, the gray whale winter and spring, the minke whale and the humpback whale can be seen on these tours off of Newport Beach all year long. A lot of different kinds of dolphins, seals and other sea creatures can often be seen on the trips. The trips leave from Newport Harbor which is in the middle of Orange County and not far from either Los Angeles or San Diego.

Tours Of Historical Sites

Irvine has a lot of history that can be learned about by taking walks of its historical places. These tours give you a look into the city’s history by showing you important sites and telling you about its cultural history. The Irvine Historical Museum and the Irvine Ranch Historic Park are two places where visitors can learn a lot about the city’s past. These tours are a one of a kind way to learn about how the city has changed over time and how important it is to California’s past.

Outdoor Adventures

If you’re looking for exciting things to do outside Irvine have a variety of trips for you. There are many ways to enjoy the natural beauty of the city such as hikes, biking and nature walks. The Bommer Canyon and Quail Hill Loop Trail are popular trips that give you a chance to connect with nature and see beautiful views. These tours are a nice break from the busy city life because they take you to beautiful places in Irvine where you can relax and recharge.

Culinary Tours

Food fans will love Irvine’s diverse culinary scene. There are walks that give you a taste of the city’s culinary wonders. People can go on these trips that show off local restaurants and places and take them on a food journey. Irvine food tours have something for everyone from farm to table meals to food from around the world. Foodies can enjoy a wide range of tastes and foods on these tours which are a must do for anyone in Irvine.

Wine Tasting Tours

Wine lovers can go on trips in Irvine that let them try some of the best wines in the area. People on these tours are taken to nearby wineries where they can try different wines and learn how they are made. Tours to nearby wineries in the Temecula Valley are a unique way to see California wine areas and taste wines that have won awards. These tours are great for wine fans who want to get a feel for Irvine wine culture.

Art And Culture Tours

Tours that focus on the city artsy offer show off Irvine’s lively art and culture scene. People can see the work of local and foreign artists in art halls and outdoor art projects as part of these trips. The art and culture tours in Irvine cover a wide range of topics from modern art to traditional crafts. Through these interesting walks people can become part of Irvine artistic community and learn about its history.

Family Friendly Tours

Irvine has trips that are great for families with kids because they are fun and useful for people of all ages. Families can go on these trips to places like the Pretend City Children’s Museum which has hands-on games and exhibits that kids can interact with. There are family friendly tours in Irvine that are fun for the whole family and cater to the likes of young visitors.

Outdoor Recreation Tours

Outdoor leisure tours in Irvine are great for people who like to take risks and see the natural beauty of the city. On these tours people can do things like fishing and swimming which lets them enjoy Irvine’s beautiful scenery. Tours of Irvine golf fields and Irvine Lake are a nice way to get away from the noise and chaos of the city. Outdoor leisure tours in Irvine are great for nature lovers who want to have both fun and rest.

Shopping Tours

The shopping trips in Irvine are a fun way to go shopping because they take people to famous stores in the city. These tours show off Irvine’s wide range of shops from high end stores to small local businesses. There are shopping tours in Irvine that cover a wide range of items from clothes and accessories to home art and gifts. Visitors can shop until they drop and learn about all of Irvine stores on these fun trips.

Educational Tours

The informative walks in Irvine are a one of a kind way to learn about the city colleges and universities. These walks take people to schools like the University of California Irvine where they can look around the grounds and learn about the school’s past and accomplishments. Educational tours in Irvine show how the city is a leader in research and innovation and how well its schools are doing.


There are many trips in Irvine California that are good for people of all interests and tastes. Irvine has something for everyone from historical places to outdoor activities, delicious food to wine taste. If you’re interested in history, nature , food or art Irvine tours are sure to give you a unique experience. These 11 tours will show you the best of what Irvine has to offer and help you fall in love with this lively city.