10 Best Tours In Madison, Wisconsin for 2024

Madison is recognized for its lively culture, beautiful beauty and rich history and it provides thrilling excursions for every interest. This lovely city has something for everyone: foodies , history buffs, nature lovers and adventurers. These top 10 Madison Wisconsin tours offer unique encounters.

1. Madison Eats Food Tours

Madison Eats Food Tours are the best way to experience the city cuisine. Walking and bicycling excursions guided by professional guides take you to local eateries, food artisans and hidden culinary treasures to enjoy a variety of flavors and delicacies. These excursions give a taste of Madison food from beer and cheese curds to foreign cuisine. Regardless of your culinary expertise Madison Eats Food Tours is a must do.

2. American Ghost Walk Tours

American Ghost Walk Tours explores Madison’s haunting past for supernatural enthusiasts. These tours of Capitol Square and other Wisconsin communities led by skilled interpreters tell terrifying ghost murder and mystery stories. These excursions will make you appreciate the Madison dark side skeptic or believer.

3. Betty Lou Cruise

Betty Lou Cruises on Lake Mendota provides a new viewpoint of Madison. With themed cruises serving Mexican food, fish fry and pizza you can enjoy delicious food and magnificent city skyline views. Betty Lou Cruise provides a relaxing way to see Madison from the water whether sipping wine on a sunset cruise or eating a chef prepared meal on a dinner cruise.

4. Trolly Pub

The Trolly Pub offers a unique outdoor tour of Madison streets where history meets relaxation. This pedal powered trolley trip lets passengers sip their favorite drinks while seeing State Street monuments. The Trolly Pub is a pleasant way for locals and visitors to sightsee and socialize.

The trolley offers panoramic views of Madison’s colorful neighborhoods and cultural sites as it travels its busy streets. Each location from the State Capitol to the University of Wisconsin campus showcases Madison’s rich legacy. Every trip is an engaging experience of humor and friendship when passionate participants peddle the trolley.

5. Cherokee Marsh Self Guided Hike

Cherokee Marsh, a hidden treasure outside Madison offers a tranquil escape from city life. Outdoor enthusiasts may explore this vast natural area on winding routes through lush trees and peaceful marshes. Visitors may see stunning views and animals on leisurely walks or strenuous hikes.

Birdwatching canoeing picnics and wildlife photography are all available at Cherokee Marsh. Visitors may see migrating birds, natural wildflowers and stately oak trees on the picturesque pathways. Visitors may replenish their souls and reconnect with nature amid the marsh tranquility.

6. Capitol Boat Club Pontoon Cruises

Capitol Boat Club pontoon trips on Lake Mendota combine elegance and adventure in a floating paradise. Charter cruises are a unique opportunity to experience Madison waterfront for a romantic or intimate event. With extensive and comfy pontoon boats you can relax and enjoy the scenery while drinking your favorite drink.

Capitol Boat Club pontoon trips let you customize your experience and make memories on the water. The devoted staff takes care of every detail from bespoke decor to delicious cheese boards whether you’re celebrating or just having fun. BYOB Bring Your Beverage lets visitors enjoy their favorite drinks on Lake Mendota picturesque shores.

7. Capitol Tour Exploration

Take a guided tour of the Madison Capitol building symbolizing the city’s history and culture. This free tour conducted by professional guides explores the Capitol construction architecture and importance as a symbol of Wisconsin democracy and creative talent. From its imposing dome to its opulent interiors the Capitol oozes elegance and invites visitors to admire its beauty and artistry.

The tour covers the Capitol history including its rebuilding after a fire and its elaborate wall and ceiling decorations. The Senate and Assembly chambers where politicians debate and act and the observation deck which gives panoramic views of Madison and its surroundings are tour highlights. Visitors will be charmed by the Capitol ageless beauty and historical importance whether they admire the corridor paintings or the rotunda towering statuary.

8.j. Henry Bourbon Farm Tour And Tasting

Visit the J. Henry Bourbon plantation to experience the art of bourbon making in all its beauty. This family owned distillery in Dane WI takes guests from field to glass to illustrate the complex process of bourbon manufacture from grain to barrel. The tour led by dedicated experts takes visitors from the distillery’s tall rick house where barrels mature to the tiny tasting area where award winning spirits await.

The J. Henry farm undulating hills and lush meadows make for a peaceful bourbon tour. The trip visits the distillery corn fields and barrel chamber where bourbon ages. Guests may try smooth smoky bourbons and limited edition releases that reflect the distillery inventiveness and competence.

9. Edelweiss Cruises

Edelweiss Cruises takes you on a journey around Lake Michigan sparkling waters offering stunning sights and unforgettable experiences. Sail from downtown Milwaukee on a beautiful boat and let the waves take you on a unique nautical excursion. Dinner cruises, breakfast trips and sightseeing tours on Lake Michigan provide something for everyone.

One of the Edelweiss cruise pleasures is seeing the Milwaukee skyline illuminated against the lake. The deck vistas will captivate you whether you’re sipping champagne on a sunset cruise or dancing to live music on a party boat. As the ship glides around the water passengers may relax with friends and family and enjoy the lake and city.

10. Dells Boat Tours

Dells Boat Tours takes you on a spectacular tour of Wisconsin Dells’ natural beauty. This famous tour business provides all steel boats to explore the Wisconsin River stunning rock formations towering cliffs and secret gorges. Expert guides tour this renowned destination geological history, ecological importance and cultural legacy.

Dells Boat Tours’ unique beach landings at Witches Gulch and Stand Rock allow passengers to explore secret tunnels towering cliffs and unspoiled environments. These beach trips showcase Wisconsin Dells’ natural beauty and geological marvels by strolling through small ravines appreciating old rock formations or seeing flowing waterfalls. As passengers travel the Wisconsin River meandering narrows and broad stretches they experience awe inspiring and quiet scenery.


Madison Wisconsin has tours for every taste. This dynamic city has something for everyone from gastronomic delights and ghostly encounters to gorgeous cruises and outdoor activities. These top tours provide unique experiences that exhibit Madison finest whether you’re a history buff nature lover or cultural heritage enthusiast. Pack your luggage and explore Madison Wisconsin one tour at a time.