10 Best Tours In Scottsdale, Arizona For 2024

Scottsdale, Arizona, amid the Sonoran Desert, provides several engaging excursions for travelers interested in its gorgeous scenery, rich culture, and fascinating history. Scottsdale offers something for everyone, whether you’re interested in the desert, vineyards, or the supernatural. Top 10 2024 tours for unique experiences:

1. Monument Valley Safari – Monument Valley Tour

Explore the spectacular desert with Monument Valley Safari and Apache Trail Tours. Monument Valley Safari takes you past stunning rock formations to see the Mitten Buttes and Totem Pole. Apache Trail Tours provides a fantastic off-road adventure across the Sonoran Desert, where you may see saguaro cacti and other desert species on gold rush-era routes.

These trips reveal the desert’s indigenous cultures and natural splendor. From Navajo rug-weaving demonstrations to trips to traditional Navajo dwellings, these experiences demonstrate the desert’s importance to Native American tribes.

2. Apache Trail Tours – One Hour Off-road Desert Tour

Luxury lovers might enjoy Scottsdale’s vineyard and cuisine excursions. Arizona Winery Tours offers a daylong tour of Sedona’s famous vineyards, where you may taste fine wines and enjoy the environment. This trip provides a gastronomic experience at Oak Creek Vineyards & Winery and Page Springs Cellars.

To discover Scottsdale’s cuisine, Arizona Food Tours offers “A Taste of Old Scottsdale Food Tour.” This walking tour takes you through the city’s historic Old Town, where you can sample delicious food from prominent restaurants and learn about its culinary past. This tour showcases Scottsdale’s eclectic cuisine, from barbecue and craft beer to Latin food and gelato.

3. Arizona Winery Tours – Sedona Wine Tour

Scottsdale provides paranormal excursions for individuals interested in the paranormal. Ghost Town Tours’ “Jerome – The Original Jerome Ghost Adventure” takes you on a terrifying tour of Jerome’s haunted buildings and haunting residents. Experienced guides use ghost-detecting technology to take you on a 90-minute tour of Jerome’s spooky streets, delivering scary ghost stories.

For spiritual seekers, Arizona Safari Jeep Tours’ “The Vortex Experience” takes you to Sedona’s vortex locations. They are regarded for their healing and transformational qualities and may have tremendous energy fields. On this Jeep trip, skilled guides explain the vortexes’ cultural importance and take you to holy spots to feel their energy.

4. Bright Angel Bike Rentals and Tours – Hermit Road Tour

One must mention the Grand Canyon to discuss Arizona. Several interactive tours let tourists see this natural treasure from various angles. All Star Grand Canyon Tours’ Grand Canyon Day Tour from Flagstaff visits the canyon’s most spectacular spots including Yavapai Point, Mather Point Lipan Point and Desert View. Travelers learn more about the Grand Canyon geology and culture from knowledgeable guides.

Bright Angel Bike Rentals and Tours provide a unique approach to seeing the Grand Canyon South Rim. Their Hermit Road Tour lets cyclists ride a closed paved route to see the canyon’s stunning scenery. With qualified instructors participants enjoy the thrilling trip and learn about the Grand Canyon natural and cultural history.

5. Ghost Town Tours – Jerome – The Original Jerome Ghost Adventure

Beyond its natural beauty Scottsdale has a rich architectural and cultural heritage. Segway of Scottsdale 2 Hour Scottsdale Segway Tour is a fun way to see the city architecture and culture. This 6 mile journey encompasses Scottsdale most famous landmarks from the canal system to Old Town Scottsdale art galleries. Riders hear intriguing stories about Scottsdale history and culture from qualified guides wearing earpieces.

6. All-Star Grand Canyon Tours – Grand Canyon Day Tour from Flagstaff

Arizona Outdoor Fun Centipede Guided Tour is a unique off road experience across the Sonoran Desert for thrill seekers. Participants may ride ATVs or utility vehicles over mountain valleys and the Agua Fria River to see the desert’s natural beauty. Experienced guides take hikers over difficult paths and provide stunning desert vistas making for a fantastic outdoor trip.

Arizona Winery Tours’ Sedona Wine Tour provides a relaxing day of wine sampling among Sedona red rock formations. Wine lovers may enjoy award winning wines at Oak Creek Vineyards  Winery and Page Springs Cellars in the tranquil countryside. With round trip transportation visitors may luxuriate in Arizona growing wine regions and make memories with friends and family.

7. Segway Of Scottsdale – 2-hour Scottsdale Segway Tour

Tour Arizona historic ruins and archeological sites to learn about its culture. Arizona Safari Jeep Tours’ Ancient Ruins Expedition explores ancient cliff dwellings, petroglyphs and other archaeological treasures in the Southwest challenging environments. Guided by skilled interpreters participants learn about the indigenous peoples who lived at these ancient places revealing Arizona rich pre Columbian heritage.

Attend one of Arizona Native Tours’ cultural tours to learn more about Arizona Native Americans. Indigenous guides provide genuine tours of rituals, storytelling and crafting. Visitors may tour tribal grounds, meet with tribal people and learn about Arizona Native American communities’ cultural resiliency and vitality.

8. Arizona Outdoor Fun – Centipede Guided Tour

Ecotourism activities in the Arizona backcountry let you reconnect with nature and escape city life. Sonoran Trails’ Desert Eco Hiking Tour lets nature enthusiasts experience the Sonoran Desert distinct ecosystems and learn about its rich flora and wildlife. Experienced naturalists lead hikes into pristine desert environments where participants may see local animals and learn about the desert’s fragile equilibrium.

For an authentic wilderness experience join Wildland Trekking Grand Canyon Backpacking Tour. On this multi day trip Hikers explore the Grand Canyon lonely routes, sleep beneath the stars and see its stunning splendor. With experienced guides hikers may discover secret waterfalls, ancient rock formations and breathtaking views creating lifelong experiences.

9. Arizona Safari Jeep Tours – The Vortex Experience

Explore Arizona’s distinctive rock formations and landscapes on excursions. Pink Adventure Tours’ “Sedona Red Rock Jeep Tour” is a thrilling off-road tour of Sedona’s red rocks. Custom-built Jeeps let travelers explore rugged terrain, secret gorges, and magnificent views in the desert. The tour’s knowledgeable guides will explain Sedona’s geological history and cultural importance, making it a remarkable experience.

For an immersive experience, take Detours Arizona’s “Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend Tour.” This full-day tour visits Arizona’s most famous natural features: Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. Antelope Canyon’s carved sandstone walls are lighted by sunlight, creating a fascinating light and shadow show. At Horseshoe Bend, visitors may see the Colorado River meandering below towering canyon walls on a vertical sandstone rock.

10. Arizona Food Tours – A Taste of Old Scottsdale Food Tour

This three-hour walking tour highlights Scottsdale’s culinary delights. You’ll try barbecue, gelato, artisan beer, and Latin food at up to five Old Town restaurants. Full meals and two alcoholic drinks are sampled—tour goers like the excellent food and informative guides’ local history. The Old Adobe Mission offers personal tours. This trip usually requires walking a mile or more and is unsuitable for children. Arizona Food Tours provides private tours of at least four persons (public excursions may restart). Happy hour and wine tours are provided.


Travelers seeking unique experiences in 2024 may choose from several exciting excursions in Scottsdale, Arizona. This state has something for everyone, from stunning desert scenery to experiencing its rich cultural legacy. Arizona excursions will inspire, educate, and revive you with outdoor experiences, ancient ruins, and health retreats. Its magnificent natural beauty, thriving arts scene, and rich cultural tapestry make Arizona a top destination for explorers, culture lovers, and wellness seekers. Pack your luggage and explore the Grand Canyon State.