Best Beginner Surf Spots in Los Angeles for 2024

Are you looking to catch some waves in Los Angeles as a beginner surfer? Surfing in LA is a popular activity, attracting numerous enthusiasts eager to learn the sport and experience the thrill of riding the waves. Fortunately, Los Angeles offers a range of fantastic options for beginners to get started on their surfing journey.

When it comes to the best places to surf in Los Angeles for beginners, you’ll find a variety of picturesque beaches that cater to novice surfers. Locations like El Porto in Manhattan Beach provide ideal conditions for those just starting, offering gentle waves that are perfect for learning the basics of surfing.

Whether you choose to head to Santa Monica Beach, Venice Beach, or Manhattan Beach, you’ll discover a welcoming surfing community and waves that are well-suited for beginners. These local beaches are renowned for their beginner-friendly breaks, making them popular choices for those embarking on their surfing adventure in LA.

Exploring the surf spots in Los Angeles as a beginner presents an exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant surfing culture of the city while honing your skills in the water. With the right guidance and a positive attitude, you’ll soon be riding the waves like a pro at one of the best beginner surf spots in LA. So grab your board, hit the beach, and get ready to experience the joy of surfing in sunny Los Angeles!

Top Beaches for Beginner Surfing in Los Angeles

El Porto, Manhattan Beach:

El Porto around 45th Street is a top spot for beginner waves in Manhattan Beach. The gentle waves here make it ideal for novice surfers looking to hone their skills. The supportive environment and approachable waves create a welcoming atmosphere for those starting their surfing journey.

Hermosa Beach:

Hermosa Beach stands out as a great location for beginners due to its less crowded nature compared to other popular spots in Los Angeles. The manageable crowd levels provide a more relaxed setting for learners. The gentle breaks and consistent waves make Hermosa Beach beginner-friendly and conducive for skill development.

Venice Beach:

Venice Beach offers a welcoming environment for beginners eager to learn how to surf. This location provides access to surf schools and rental shops, offering assistance and equipment for newcomers. The availability of resources and support systems at Venice Beach makes it an excellent starting point for those embarking on their surfing adventure.

Additional Tips for Beginner Surfers in Los Angeles

Are you ready to hit the waves as a beginner surfer in Los Angeles? Before you grab your board and head to the beach, let’s go over some essential tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable surfing experience in LA.

Choosing the Right Surfboard

Selecting the right surfboard is crucial for beginners. When starting out, opt for longer boards as they offer better stability and buoyancy, making it easier to catch waves and maintain balance. Longer boards are ideal for learning the basics and gaining confidence in the water. Consider the wave conditions at your chosen beach and choose a board that suits your skill level and the waves you’ll be surfing.

Safety Precautions for Novice Surfers

Safety should always be a top priority when learning to surf. Stay safe by adhering to these essential tips:

  1. Stay within Designated Surf Areas: Beginners should stick to areas marked for surfing to avoid potential hazards and overcrowding.
  2. Understand Rip Currents: Be aware of rip currents and how to identify and navigate them safely. If caught in a rip current, don’t panic and swim parallel to the shore to escape its pull.
  3. Wear Proper Protective Gear: Invest in quality rash guards, wetsuits, and leashes to protect yourself from the sun and potential injuries while surfing.
  4. Keep an Eye on Other Surfers: Look out for fellow surfers and respect their space to prevent collisions and accidents.
  5. Respect Beach Regulations: Follow local beach rules and regulations, such as surfing hours and designated surfing zones, to ensure a positive surfing experience for everyone.

By choosing the right surfboard and prioritizing safety precautions, beginner surfers can enjoy the thrill of catching waves in Los Angeles while staying safe and prepared for their surfing adventures. Remember, the key to a successful surfing journey is to have fun, stay informed, and respect the ocean and fellow surfers.


Starting your surfing journey in Los Angeles can be an exhilarating experience, especially when you choose the right beginner-friendly surf spots. Exploring the diverse beaches and waves that Los Angeles has to offer can open up a world of excitement and adventure for aspiring surfers. By selecting the appropriate surf locations tailored for beginners, you not only enhance your learning curve but also ensure a safe and enjoyable experience in the water.

Venturing into the world of surfing is not just about riding the waves but also about immersing yourself in the coastal culture and connecting with the ocean. As you navigate through the best places to surf in Los Angeles for beginners, remember that each wave carries a unique thrill and learning opportunity. The significance of choosing the right surf spots cannot be overstated, as it sets the tone for your surfing adventures and builds your confidence in mastering this thrilling sport.

So, whether you’re looking for gentle rolling waves to practice your skills or seeking a supportive surfing community to share your passion, Los Angeles offers a blend of surf spots that cater to every beginner’s needs. Embrace the challenge, dive into the waves, and embark on a surfing adventure filled with excitement and growth. Start your journey into the world of surfing with confidence and the assurance that the waves of Los Angeles are ready to welcome you with open arms.