Is matched betting legal?

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Is matched betting legal is a common question for those looking to find out more about matched betting amongst other questions such as: does match betting work, is this risk free betting, where can one find free betting sites, could one make money from matched betting and how can one get matched betting offers and bonus bets?

To the uninitiated, matched betting may appear doggy at first?! However, matched betting is legal and has provided some with a passive income stream. Graham Sharpe, a representative of the William Hill bookmakers commenting on the question of whether matched betting is legal confirmed that “there is no illegal component. It’s a free water, and you can do what you like.” The worst that could happen is for one to be “gubbed,” meaning that the bookmaker has restricted your account from receiving future free matched betting offers and/or bonus bets.

Be that as it may, matched betting is not illegal. Rather than asking ourselves whether matched betting is legal, perhaps we ought to dwell on why it shouldn’t be so. Simply put, the matched betting concept revolves around bookmakers offering matched betting offers and bonus bets to entice individuals into placing bets with them.

Can one get in trouble with the law for matched betting?

Here’s the short answer:
If you are beyond 18 years old, reside in the UK or Ireland, you are legally able to register with bookmakers for risk free betting with matched betting.

How so?

If you have been doing your homework on this topic – you will realize by now that the entire principle of matched betting hinges upon the bookmaker’s free bet offers.

All the more accurately, we are just placing the free bet on a selection to win with a bookmaker and afterward betting on that same selection NOT to win (lay) using the Betfair or Smarkets Betting Exchange – thereby covering every possible result for that occasion.

Most importantly, by ‘hedging’ the free bet in such a way – one is able to maximise the potential to win at the same time as mitigating the potential to lose – in order to make money from matched betting.

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