Make money from matched betting

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How to Make Money from Matched Betting

Matched betting known as double betting or lay or back bet matching is an amazing betting strategy that is adopted by individuals so as to profit from the incentives and free bets offered by various bookmakers.

Matched betting is about taking advantage of the various matched betting offers being given away by bookmakers so as to acquire new customers and to keep them betting on their betting platforms. It is all about signing up for the bookmaker’s free bet offers, placing your bet to win for example (back) and placing a counter bet (lay) not to win (lay) a betting exchange such as Betfair or Smarkets.

How much money can one earn per month with Matched Betting?

This all depends on the current free bet offers available from the bookmakers. One should expect to earn more at the beginning because of the bookmaker’s incentives and offers aimed at luring new customers. Afterwards, be on the lookout for emails from bookmakers offering you reload offers aimed at keeping existing customers and enticing them to continue betting.

That said, the best way to understand if matched betting works or not, is to try it out. Procrastination as they say is the thief of time! Go ahead and sign up for free bets and make your risk free betting profit this season from matched betting.

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