The Best Areas to Stay in Los Angeles Without a Car for Tourists

When visiting Los Angeles without a car, finding the best place to stay is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable trip. It’s essential to choose a location that offers convenience and accessibility to public transportation options.

Consider staying in neighborhoods like Santa Monica or Venice Beach, known for their walkability and access to public transit. These areas provide a vibrant atmosphere with plenty of dining, shopping, and entertainment options within easy reach.

If you prefer a central location, West Hollywood could be an ideal choice, although it tends to be on the pricier side. Alternatively, Silver Lake and Los Feliz offer a more relaxed vibe with trendy shops, cafes, and cultural attractions to explore.

By strategically selecting your accommodation in Los Angeles, you can enhance your travel experience and make the most of your time in this sprawling and diverse city. Explore the various neighborhoods and find the perfect place to stay that aligns with your preferences and travel goals.

Central Locations for Tourists

Los Angeles, renowned for its diversity and entertainment, offers centrally located neighborhoods perfect for tourists without a car. These areas ensure easy access to attractions and public transportation, making your stay in the city hassle-free. Let’s delve into some of the best central locations for tourists to explore.


In the heart of Los Angeles, Hollywood embodies a vibrant atmosphere brimming with history and glamour. Tourists flock to this iconic neighborhood for its world-famous attractions like the Walk of Fame, TCL Chinese Theatre, and Dolby Theatre. The area pulsates with energy, offering endless entertainment options from live performances to celebrity sightings.

Hollywood’s central location makes it ideal for tourists without a car. Public transportation options such as the Metro Red Line and numerous bus routes crisscross the area, providing convenient travel to various parts of the city. Whether you’re exploring the Hollywood Hills or strolling along Hollywood Boulevard, getting around is seamless and efficient.

Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles, a hub of culture and commerce, beckons tourists with its diverse array of attractions. From the historic Grand Central Market to the striking Walt Disney Concert Hall, this bustling district has something for everyone. Art enthusiasts can explore renowned museums like The Broad and MOCA, while food lovers can indulge in a culinary adventure at the countless restaurants and eateries.

For tourists relying on public transport, Downtown LA is a paradise of accessibility. The Metro Rail system serves the area well, offering quick connections to surrounding neighborhoods and points of interest. Embrace the fast-paced rhythm of the city as you navigate Downtown’s lively streets, immersing yourself in its dynamic blend of art, entertainment, and culture.

Whether you choose Hollywood’s glitz and glamour or Downtown LA’s cultural richness, these central locations catering to tourists without cars promise an unforgettable experience in the City of Angels. Immerse yourself in the heart of Los Angeles and uncover the magic that awaits in these vibrant neighborhoods.

Public Transportation Accessibility

When visiting Los Angeles without a car, choosing accommodation near public transportation hubs is crucial for a smooth and convenient travel experience. The city offers various public transportation options to help tourists explore the bustling metropolis without the need for a vehicle.

Metro Stations and Bus Routes

Los Angeles boasts an extensive Metro system that connects major tourist spots, making it easier for visitors to navigate the city. The Metro rail lines cover key areas such as Downtown LA, Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Universal Studios. By utilizing the Metro rail, travelers can efficiently reach popular attractions like the Griffith Observatory, The Getty Center, and Staples Center.

Additionally, the city’s bus routes complement the Metro system, providing flexibility and accessibility to areas not directly served by the rail lines. Buses run frequently and can take tourists to neighborhoods like Venice Beach, Rodeo Drive, and the Arts District.

Walkability and Bike-Friendly Areas

For tourists keen on exploring Los Angeles on foot or by bike, several neighborhoods offer pedestrian-friendly environments and bike rental options. Areas like Santa Monica, Venice Beach, and Downtown LA are known for their walkability, allowing visitors to stroll around and immerse themselves in the vibrant local culture.

Moreover, bike rental services are available throughout the city, enabling tourists to pedal their way through iconic locations such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame or the Sunset Strip. Cycling provides a unique perspective of Los Angeles and allows travelers to appreciate the city’s diverse neighborhoods up close.

Choosing accommodation near Metro stations and bus routes, as well as in walkable and bike-friendly areas, can enhance the overall experience for tourists exploring Los Angeles without a car. Embracing the city’s public transportation network and pedestrian-friendly zones opens up a world of exciting possibilities to discover the beauty and charm of the City of Angels.

Accommodation Options

Traveling to Los Angeles without a car doesn’t mean sacrificing convenience when it comes to accommodation. Fortunately, the city offers a range of options tailored to tourists relying on public transport or shuttle services for commuting. Let’s explore two popular choices for accommodation that cater well to visitors exploring Los Angeles car-free.

Hotels with Shuttle Services

Hotels with shuttle services can be a game-changer for tourists navigating Los Angeles without a car. Opting for accommodation that offers shuttle services to popular attractions or transport hubs not only saves time but also provides a seamless way to explore the city. Imagine being thrilled by the thought of hopping on a shuttle from your hotel to iconic spots like Santa Monica Pier or Hollywood Boulevard. These services not only save you from the hassle of navigating public transportation but also offer a fast-paced way to immerse in the city’s vibrant landscape.

Airbnb and Vacation Rentals

For a more local and immersive experience, Airbnb and vacation rentals are pivotal choices for tourists without a car in Los Angeles. These options allow visitors to delve into different neighborhoods with good public transport connections, such as Santa Monica, Venice Beach, or West Hollywood. Staying in Airbnb accommodations can be a quest in itself, offering a sense of staying in a home away from home. From cozy apartments to stylish villas, Airbnb listings provide plenty of choices to match your preferences and budget. By leveraging Airbnb, tourists can experience the bustling realm of Los Angeles in a unique and personalized way.

Whether you prefer the convenience of shuttle services from hotels or the personalized touch of Airbnb accommodations, Los Angeles caters to tourists without cars with a diverse range of stay options. Embrace the city’s evolving hospitality scene and choose accommodation that aligns seamlessly with your travel style.

Local Insights and Tips

When exploring Los Angeles without a car, knowing the ins and outs of local transportation can make your visit much smoother. Here are some insider tips to help you navigate the city like a local:

Ridesharing Services and Apps:

  • Uber and Lyft: These popular ridesharing services are widely available in Los Angeles and can provide convenient and reliable transportation options for tourists.
  • Curb: Consider using the Curb app to hail a traditional taxi if you prefer that mode of transport.
  • Scooters and Bikes: Apps like Bird and Lime offer electric scooters and bikes for short trips around the city, perfect for exploring neighborhoods at your own pace.

Guided Tours and Excursions:

  • Starline Tours: Join a guided tour with Starline Tours to explore iconic attractions like Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and the beaches of Santa Monica.
  • Hollywood Sightseeing Tours: Discover the magic of Hollywood with guided tours that take you to famous landmarks and filming locations.
  • Day Trips: If you’re looking to venture beyond LA, consider day trips to destinations like Disneyland, Universal Studios, or the beautiful beaches along the coast.

By combining public transportation with ridesharing services and guided tours, you can make the most of your stay in Los Angeles without the need for a car. Experience the city’s diverse neighborhoods and attractions with ease while soaking in the vibrant culture of LA.


When it comes to the best place to stay in Los Angeles for tourists without a car, Santa Monica and Venice Beach stand out as top choices. These vibrant coastal neighborhoods not only offer a relaxed beach atmosphere but also provide convenient access to public transportation, making it easy to explore the city without the need for a car. Additionally, West Hollywood, Silver Lake, and Los Feliz are great options for those looking to be centrally located with a mix of trendy shops, dining spots, and cultural attractions within reach. Whether you prefer the beachy vibes of Santa Monica or the urban chic of West Hollywood, Los Angeles has a variety of neighborhoods to suit every traveler’s preferences and needs. Enjoy your car-free adventure in the City of Angels!