The Bonus Bagging Review

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Bonus Bagging is a technique that relies on taking an opportunity to utilize bonuses bookmakers place to attract their original customers. The system is an invention of Mike Cruickshank who did a lot in the betting industry to become one of the many bookmakers. Due to the nature of the betting trade, online bettors are eager to give out free gamble to attempt clients to choose their bet accounts. One needs to open a new account for the bet.

Gamblers use bonuses placed by the bookies to earn capital with Bonus Bagging. Matched bet or double betting is employed to make a successful bet. An individual bet on all results and never risk cash in the end. The procedure is based on the use of some mathematical equation hence doing away with probabilities in a win. It is a risk-free bet. This profiting from free bets is what attracts clients to betting. The disadvantage of Bonus Bagging is that it is suitable for individuals coming from the United Kingdom or Ireland. One qualifies for the free bet unless the provided address is in UK. Another condition dictates the gambler be over 18 years old.

A client must first open an account with Betfair and deposit 75 pounds. Betfair is an invention of 1999 where users bet against colleagues only but not against the bookies. The bet is qualified if it matches the opponent stake and the owner takes a small fee for the transaction. Betfair odds are stated in decimal. For instance, 3.0 which translates to £1 hence the gambler will get £3 including his or her opponent stake. One must have enough money in his or her account to cover the liability while placing the bet.

The owner will send the initial bonus to open one’s account and the required amount to start and also the bet to place. The primary wager is meant to qualify a person for bonus hence ruling out the possibility of losing money. However, it is common to lose when placing a bet with Betfair since Bookmakers odds are better than former. The system provides the clients with links for a bookmaker. Here the gambler can receive odds available as well as the bet to place. One can also place a lay bet with fellow gamblers. Lay bet is placed at Betfair which is also a link to the client.

Once the risk-taker has obtained his or her bonus; he or she has a chance to place the free bonus that offers him or her opportunity to profit from the outcome. The bookies always put clients free bet at high odds as the stake is not his or hers. The gamblers only get to retain the accrued profit. In such a case the bookmaker places odds that are over 4.0. The client also has to put a lay bet which covers any anticipated lose but not with the bookies but with the Betfair. Bookmakers provide their client with all the simple instruction details to follow. A client is allowed to ask for not more than three primary bookmakers in a day. He or she is free to download his or her profit.

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